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Red Steele
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Rich Lowry on Trump...Winning even if losing

Just make sure you spell his name right.


Trump should do the right thing and drop out right before the debates, claiming some 

grievience and go on to bigger and better things than POTUS. Pence, Paul Ryan, any

other Republican should be able to force Clinton out, too, and they can take on Biden or

Kaine or whoever the Dem's put up. Clinton can claim health concerns....both her and 

that POS husband of hers look like they could die within the next year.


It's uncharted waters right now.

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Re: Rich Lowry on Trump...Winning even if losing

Trump has to learn fast to make his words count, instead of wasting time on petty arguments, meanwhile this treasure tove of Hillary`s corruption is out of the spotlight.  According to Rassmuson Trump is at 40% and Hill is at 43% even after a horrible couple of weeks that hardcore 40% support sticks with him. 


If the next 3 months we beat Hillary down, relentlessly everyday and get her polls in the mid 30`s, with the hardcore commies going to Jill Stein, Trump can win this thing!


For every pencil neck geek that`s a "never Trumper" there`s probably 3 or 4 folks that`ve never voted, sat on the sidelines and watched this country go straight to hell and will now crawl over broken glass to vote for him. 

Re: Rich Lowry on Trump...Winning even if losing

If they're going to bait and switch with him the story is going to have to be a doozy.


Not that it is the toughest group to fool, though.


Just thinking it through. If I was desperate and going to mount a coup I'd probably do it late, hope for some form of shock effect from the story and a short enough timeline that nobody would really have a lot of time to think about it.


This is 100% hypothetical but an entity that really wanted to pull it off would probably need to kill him* and create at least enough reasonable doubt that they could temporarily pin it on The Clinton Body Count.


Although in that case you'd also need to start salting some polls and create a false narrative that he was catching up. Otherwise there would be a fair number of people who'd see through it- pretty much everybody who wasn't willfully oblivious- a minority of Trump supporters but enough to matter.



* I doubt that the necessary assets are in the right places to pull that off and cover it up. We're not talking the Palm Beach Country Club here.

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The future




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Re: The future

Don`t you think 4 years of Hillary would put the country in the toilet can enough so as there wouldn`t be "presidents" in the future?...heck, it wouldn`t totally shock me if Odumber didn`t suspend the election because of some event.

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Re: Rich Lowry on Trump...Winning even if losing

When making a prediction and Trump is involved, it`s about guaranteed that you`ll be wrong Smiley Very Happy 


Jesse Ventura warned that if the establishment likes Trump`s VP, he is in grave danger.  The fight that`s going on behind the scenes that we aren`t privy to, is over globalism and free trade, alot of money was spent moving factories and inking trade "deals".  If Trump wants to reverse the direction of globalism, he`s liable to be Vince Fostered.


Mike Pence?  I don`t know, maybe he`d play ball better. 

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Re: Rich Lowry on Trump...Winning even if losing

Maybe if Trump gets in, we won't have to worry about electing another President either.


I Don't Always Play The

Part of President -


When I Don't - I

Dress Like This:




I'm The Face of America's Tomorrow!   Help Me

Fleece America Today!!!




Even Steve King running from Trump

Tells crowd he "can work with Hillary".

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Re: Even Steve King running from Trump



How ? He's never worked " with " anyone in his life ?

Re: Rich Lowry on Trump...Winning even if losing

I've thought long and hard about the various memes about how Trump has been deliberately tanking himself at certain points, or that he's a trojan horse for The Clintons.


It is curious there are probably half a dozen of the putative GOP hopefuls who'd be leading at this point since the DLC crowd was hell bent for Hillary (not so had it been Sanders).


Still, you can't deny that there are millions of passionate Trump supporters and that he won the nominations fairly with the possible exception of the huge boost he got from all the free MSM exposure. And it doesn't take a genius to have observed the the GOP crowd has been getting nuttier at an accelerating pace since 2008he idea that it is basicly an organic phenomenon seems far from impossible.


So my conclusion is the convnetional one. He entered into it as a publicity stunt, hoping to far exceed the result that was assumed and thus greatly raise his stature. But he never really expected that all of his opponents save Cruz (who has his own personal vulnerabilties) would fold up like pup tents and he'd walk away with it.


It is quite possible that he doesn't really want to be President, but at this point I'm hard pressed to find the story that lets him off the hook unscathed and/or doesn't hurt the GOP more.