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Right-Left extremist coalition?

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Veteran Advisor

good comment

Blaise Adams

San Francisco, CA January 6, 2016

Yes Trump is bad. But many voters are wondering is he WORSE than likely Democratic candidates.

At least Trump takes seriously the fears of the forgotten Americans, the 'old angry white men" that liberals vilify again and again in the pages of the NY Times. The forgotten Americans who see their incomes decaying.

Trump at least regards their fears as legitimate instead of characterizing them as "racists' and "bigots."

One of Obama's greatest weaknesses is his penchant for preaching to Americans about the "right" way to approach race relations.

But he has essentially ignored the problems of the working class.

He promised universal health care, but delivered Obamacare, which was a poor, some would say fraudulent, substitute. The fear of medical bankruptcy is just as strong as it was before.

He promised to provide jobs for unemployed Americans. Yet his ARRA was way too small and contained NO JOBS PROGRAM, such as construction of high speed rail, already available in France, Japan and China.

He didn't clean up the fraudulent activity of bankers which led to the Great Recession of 2008. instead of prosecuting the banks CEO, he gave us homilies about how Trayvon Martin might have been his son. (Presidents should NOT comment on individual trials.)

And when he had insufficient support of Congress, he provided executive amnesty to illegal immigrants who take jobs away from America's unskilled workers.

Could Trump be worse than that? It is hard to imagine.


Re: good comment

Saw that.  Are you a Krugman or Brad Delong junkie now? If you are genuinely on board with criticisms of those ommissions I'm encouraged.  


Of course you were apoplectic about the suggestion of a bigger, more effective stimulus, were among the mass of Right winged, Republican, Bush and all that went with him supporters (the wars and all and the tax cuts) 


The guy gets it right, to a point, but neglects that those Republicans who got the power to keep Obama under check and to create the timidity that kept the banksters safe from prosecution GOT that power through their participation in the Republican Party that has built it's political house almost exclusively on convincing little people that  the elite fully supported their racism and bigotry, with a wink and a sly nod.


But nice that you found it notable.


Veteran Advisor

Re: good comment

Do you really think trump is the only one concerned about things in this country?  You are a fool if that is true!  He only says what his supporters want to hear.  He NEVER says anything about how he will accomplish anything he talks about.  I doubt that down deep he really wants that job.  He is getting good press and that is what really floats his boat!