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Right again

Remember when john oliver mocked President Trump when Trump said back in 2017 that the winger cult left would be removing statues of our founding fathers such as George Washington & Thomas Jefferson?  Anyone getting tired of Trump being correct yet?

I don't know if oliver still has his liberal tv show so unsure if we'll see his apology on tv or via social media Smiley Wink

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Mt. Rushmore in the crosshairs

I had a couple of posts here a year or so ago where I said that we should all enjoy Mt.Rushmore before the American Taliban had it dynamited. Anyone think I was extreme now?

Pat Buchanan weighs in on where this is all going, and how at some point basement Biden will have to make a stand and get a dry pair of depends.

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Re: Mt. Rushmore in the crosshairs

Truly is disgraceful.

BA Deere
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Re: Mt. Rushmore in the crosshairs

Basically a 500,000 city with 400,000 decent taxpayers.  Some incident occurs and 50,000 people peacefully protest, 5,000 of them are out to loot & destroy...50 of those tear down statues.  So, 50 hardcore communists out of a 500,000 population tear down monuments.   The political and media spin is "we won`t replace the statue, it was the will of the people that it comes down."  So, 50 dangerous spoiled brats drive the political direction of a 500,000 population city.  1 in 10,000 steer the entire population.

Senior Advisor

Re: Mt. Rushmore in the crosshairs

That's because 3 of those work in the fake stream media.