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Risky GQP strategy?

Flooded the zone with xxxx polls and much of the commentariat going along with the narrative that a red wave is imminent,

Meanwhile, D early vote turnout is huge.

Will Rs be a bit complacent on account of the string pullers’ fukkery?

Although then they’ll just claim it as evidence that the election was rigged. A perfect self licking ice cream cone.

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Re: Risky GQP strategy?

In ‘20 Trafalgar missed WI, PA, GA, AZ in favor if Rs by an average of 3 pts.

Senior Contributor

Re: Risky GQP strategy?

Everyone is aware the steal will be in play early voting is key to the commies game plan they need to have trucks loaded up with boxes of votes and then at 3am they will stop counting and over several days they will get just enough 

Who knows if they will have enough but i'm sure they will make it close because Americans are begging for more libtard policies like wide open borders/blank checks to Ukraine /sky rocketing inflation/ drag queen story time/ porno in grade schools/ 2 tiered justice/ system skyrocketing crime all those good things the is making America great 

You should stick with your energy plans and playing wartime General 🤣


BA Deere
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Re: Risky GQP strategy?

Well, "Biden is on the ballot" even at the local races, the Republican candidate doesn`t mention their opponent, they directly attack Biden/Harris and that tells you what their internal polling tells them.  Biden is trying to buy votes paying off student loans, stimmy checks to help with heating bills.   Most people see through it, Biden has the accelerator mashed to the floor while the Fed is riding the brakes hard to slow inflation.   They really need to get on the same page!

Senior Advisor

Re: "Stimmy checks to help with the heating bills", as oppose to ...

... the republican response is, "just let the old folks freeze".

How danged to near everything projected

that the GQP might do, or not do based on the (non-existent) quasi- “platform” takes one back to that “the dog catches the car” piece.  

D’s hold the Senate and after the next two years DC be set to erect a Washington/Lincoln/Jefferson level Memorial to Harry Reid. 

BA Deere
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Re: How danged to near everything projected

Kathy Hochul`s  stats say shootings are actually down in NYC, they haven`t completely taken the guns away, so HOW could that possibly be????   She says carjacking is up due to the catalytic converter value.  

MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle clashes with Gov. Kathy Hochul over crime in New York: 'We don't feel safe'   

If you are going to project that 20 years from now there`ll be a increase in crime because of all the little thugs that weren`t aborted.  California, Illinois, Detroit, New York won`t miss a beat on abortions.  All the Willie Hortons in utero will have as much opportunity as ever of being terminated.