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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Robert B Reichhhhaaaa on Hardball     Reich says `Obama could eliminate pallroll tax on the first $20,000 to give everyone a shot in the arm. Since interest is cheap and dollar strong let`s build bridges and roads hiring the 23 million that are out of work`.   You know, if things are really as bad as I think they are, despite the fact Schurrbart and I have a 45 minute wait to get seated at Bennigans.  Maybe Reich isn`t so stupid on this, we`ve printed pieces of paper that the rest of the world wants.   The rest of the world has screwed this country at every turn, perhaps now we should screw them back, use their money to build 200 mph trains....and then give `em a haircut.   However once one goes down that road of extreme purposeful financial irresponsiblity, there`s no going back, you can`t unring that bell.