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Senior Contributor

Rock Star

Interesting that North Korea's Kim Yo Jong was our liberal / main stream media's rock star yesterday.  The liberal / main stream media was more fixated on Kim Yo, whom is the head of the North Korea Propaganda department, then they were the USA athletes.  I am assuming that our main stream / liberal media's obsession with Kim Yo was because they thought it would somehow hurt Trump - seems as it turns out some in the liberal predictable media just fell for her propaganda.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Rock Star

Progressives admire communist dictators.

Senior Contributor

Re: Rock Star

Do you think if she looked like her brother there would be all the fuss?

Re: Rock Star

Hey dudes. You are being well represented by our diplomatic Emissary to the games, The Human QTip.

Aside fro either forgetting or not having been informed by someone in literally empty Dept. of State the name of our Ambassador to South Korea, he’s done a magnificent job of displaying our indifference.

Showing the media up on the silly notion that someone out there in TV Land might be interested in what’s going on in a matter that has most of the world more than a bit on edge.