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Senior Contributor

Rock and a hard place

NAFTA has already increased agriculture trade


we must recognize that NAFTA has been a boon for farmers and our customers. Under its provisions, our exports to Canada and Mexico have nearly quadrupled, to about $20 billion and $18 billion, respectively, resulting in total economic activity exceeding $107 billion according to the Center for North American Studies. Together, these two countries buy about one-third of all the products farmers sell abroad.

Our country can’t afford to lose these markets — and that’s exactly what could happen if the White House were to withdraw from NAFTA.


So now you want more but do not want to give up what you have.


At the start of his speech last week, Trump joked that he was disappointed to learn that his hosts were celebrating their 99th year as an organization. “A hundred is so much cooler,” he said. “So I’ll be back, I think. Next year, I’ll come back. All right? We’ll come back.”

His reception in 12 months will depend largely on what happens with NAFTA. If he wants the applause to continue, he’ll keep us in this trade agreement and make it even better.

The alternative is too grim to contemplate.