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Roger Stone raid prep

Yesterdays pre-raid meeting with FBI Agents:


-Mueller & Weissmann (M&W):

We have a raid tomorrow, 6 A.M., we need 29 agents in full tactical gear and 17 tactical vehicles, bring a pair of shackles.  We have contacted our co-horts at CNN, they will have a film crew on site!

-Agent #1:  This sounds big, are we bring down a mafia ring?

-M&W:  No, bigger & scarier!

-Agent #2:  Are we taking down a drug running outlaw biker gang?

-M&W:  No bigger & scarier!

-Agent #3:  MS-13?

-M&W:  No, Bigger & Scarier!

-Agent #4:  Foreign terrorists?

-M&W:  No, bigger & scarier, we will be raiding 66 year old Roger Stone's and his blind wife's house, Roger has been cooperating throughout our investigation but keep in mind that even though they do not have any weapons in the house, they do have 2 lap dogs.  

-Agents 1 - 29:  Sirs, this is embarrassing, just call his attorney and Roger will voluntarily turn himself in.

-M&W:  Make sure the CNN crew is in place before you start the raid.  And put on a good show for CNN, they have supported us throughout this investigation and they could sure use the ratings!

-Lead agent to other agents:  Wear your face masks so those morons from CNN can't identify us to the world or we will be a laughing stock of the world, or at least right behind Mueller & Weissman.


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Senior Contributor

Re: Roger Stone raid prep

That was really funny, Ed. Maybe you could get a job writing a comic book, I hear there is a market for them again!! LOL!!

Veteran Advisor

Re: Roger Stone raid prep

Good post...echos my thoughts that I posted elsewhere before I saw this.


Not a stellar day for the FBI...embarrassing display.


Stone is lucky they didn't do a WACO, and burn his house down.

Senior Advisor

Re: Roger Stone raid prep

This isn't comic book stuff, this is real life under Robert Mueller.

Senior Contributor

Re: Roger Stone raid prep

everything to you is a joke. Keep in mind that you dems are making the rules. Karma can be a tough character......Daddy ever tell you what goes around comes around?

Senior Contributor

Re: Roger Stone raid prep

You guys are hoot!! Stone was waiting for them, you know how I know?? He had already shaved!! LOL!! Poor, poor, Roger, he got a taste of his own medicine, LOCK HIM UP!! There's going to be a lot more of that coming to, WATCH!!

bruce MN

Re: Roger Stone raid prep

This stuff is good. Pizzagate 1000X. Keeps a portion of the consciousness pre-occupied.

The presumption that there is broad, universal interest in this bubble filler is relatively humorous.