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Re: Romey uses Nazi Slogan?

Only very partially and in a limp biscuit version. Comparisons are easy to make and was the point of this post. Liberal or Fascist? Which could it be? Let's just say no one is really happy. Still, based on a few words out of context, if Obama is a Communist, Romney us a Fascist. It's all BS.


We have an official Libertarian in the race now and you can always go there and Paul is still in there too.


I'm not pleased with any of them.


i scored it 9.5 on a 14 point scale but I gave each an equal weighting, I think a few are of lessor importance. Like religion.
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Re: i scored it 9.5 on a 14 point scale

Your link didn`t come up Sam, I went to Renze and found the 14 questions.  And by God I think that I might have fascist leanings!  I can see why the hippies used to call the Founding Fathers "fascists".  Perhaps "fascism" is the lesser evil Smiley Happy   It does seem like Obama took the 3 or 4 bad things about fascism and those he embraces.  Here`s the funny aspect about this thread, calling Romney a "nazi" wouldn`t stick, but calling Obama a "communist" kind of works.