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Senior Advisor

Re: Romney/Paul 2012? hmmmm

Sure valid question if you choose to answer a question with a question.


If you recall the election of 2008, you should know that I opposed him because I thought he was niave and he was. I supported Hillary and Biden as most readers know.  iN FACT I WOULD PREFER EITHER CLINTON or BIDEN IN THIS ELECTION.


Having said that the repubs have had quite  few who have enjoyed their moment in the sun.  Romney, Paul, Palin. Cain Perry. Trump. Bachman. Gingrich and they have been rejected by mostly conservatives as nobody fills the bill that can win. Which indicates to me that the field is made up of light weights and the big shots are standing aside.


I thought Houseman was credible but he didn't have enough nasty in him to get considered. I think you folks want to win with a hard nose ideologue and none can be elected and you keep reaching for straws like Palin and rand paul yo create some exitment in the ticket butr that is not to Be. Palin was a mistake last time and Rand paul will be as well.


If repubs thought the race was winnable, Jeb Bush would be at the head of the ticket. I doubt if you elect the phoney.





Veteran Contributor

Re: Romney/Paul 2012? hmmmm

BA, I shudder at the thought of your last sentence, but I often wonder if that is what it is going to take. As Jefferson said, "The tree of liberty must be occasionally watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants."  I hope we can avoid that.  While I agree that Ron Paul is like concrete, I think his ideas are pretty universally liked by both Republicans and Democrats:  He wants to end the war, D's love that, lower taxes, who can argue, stop the spending, again, and allow people to have the freedom that the constitution has granted us.  Our government was meant to serve us, not enlsave us.  While some may shutter at the thought that RP would do away with entitlement programs,  I think they are more like enslavement programs, once dependent on the money that subsidizes them they have no motivation to get off of the assistance.  You can vote for Romney if you think he has a better chance against Obama, but I think they are two sides of the same turd and they both stink.  Its Ron Paul or nothing for me!

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Romney/Paul 2012? hmmmm

good post and I respect your opinions. I think Romney trumps Obama hands down when it comes to seeing entitlement programs for the mistake they are, and that alone should sway your vote if it is Romney vs. Obama.


On foreign policy and banking reform, they both are bought and paid for. Obviously.