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Re: Sorry you are mistaken


Not Bain but an example of what happens when hedge funds own businesses. In this case the owners used all the free cash to buy back their own stock to try to get the price up before they could cash out big. Oops.


In this and other matters it could be argued that it would have been best to just let Sears/Kmart die of its own devices. But no hulk with anything approaching a faint pulse is too dead to not have someone want to try to suck some blood out of it.




Re: Romney could be the easiest for Obama to beat.


Re: Romney could be the easiest for Obama to beat.

thesaurus forbloviator: besserwisserblowhardcrack whore bitchlangnesneggietrollmore...

1.bloviator46 up, 15 down
1. A public figure, such as a politician or an actor, who makes outlandish, strident statements on issues, thinking that the average man will care about their opinions. 
2. Someone who pontificates about issues of which they are uninformed, yet pretend to be expert.
3. Pompous blowhard, using their celebrity to speak about topics on which they are totally unqualified.
That bloviator Alec Baldwin said he was going to move to France.  Why is he still in Hollywood?


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The republicans like Romney like the Democrats liked Dukakis and like Dukakis, Romney is likely to win the primary of his party. Also like Dukakis, Romney is a former Governor of Massachusetts. Both of them have stronger appeal in the East of the nation, where views of this world are more "liberal" or less rigid than say the Midwest or deep South. I suspect that most good republicans will swallow their ultra conservativeism, or buy into Romney's newfound conservativeism, and vote for him. Also, you guys have a strong Obama fear factor going for you. The biggest question in my mind for the general election (once primaries are over) is twofold - Will Democrats get out and vote for Obama, who they only moderately support and will Republicans turn out in big numbers out of hate for Obama and support a canditate they feel luke warm about?


There may be a third party and if a lot of people stay at home and don't vote, it could be a deciding factor.
 my opinion

bruce MN

Re: Here's the playing field for the election BA

And those people, the ones who are on the food bamks and free lunches who weren't before are going to vote Republican in great numbers?


Ther is going to be a campaign.  Read an article some time back and I'm not sure where or by whom about the campaign and election of 1936.   I'll maybe google it later.


Said that it was the most closely followed and digested by average Americans of any ever held.  And that after it was over it transformed the winner, who had been kissing the oppostion's and the monied powers a&&es all up and down the street during his firsttterm.


Don't ever say never.



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Re: Romney.

I have a feeling the dems will vote for romney and the repubs will vote obama, both to send a message. Probably the best chance ever for a 3rd party candidate

bruce MN

Re: Romney.

Ill take a look at any ticket.


What's your  3rd party dream ticket look like?  Who, and/or running on what platform?  Beyond no taxes and that being offset by no public expenditures, that is.