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Senior Contributor

Re: Romney

"Just be careful you nose doesn't get too long."


Voted for Carter in 76 and even attended the Dem caucus which to this day has been the only Iowa caucus I have ever attended.   Last year I never shut the combine off to go vote but had intended to vote for Obama over McCain.  I felt comfortable that Obama had it won so decided to combine while the weather was nice. You can spin that as you wish but if you go back and check my posts here at that time you would seen I was backing Obama as I knew McCain would be more of the same and I bought into Obama's promise of "change."    Again you don't let facts get in your way.


"Paul is an opportunists."   Once again you show how much you like to attack Repubs without giving a hoot about the facts.   Shows how little you actually know about Ron Paul.  Doubt you could even get one of Paul's opponents to agree to your claim of him being an "opportunist." 


Hard to see much difference any more between Ollie, GTO and you.   You all are convinced the other guys are always wrong and your guys are always right.  The weird part is you live in another country yet are so obsessed with demeaning and slandering all Repubs in America while always praising Dems.   Hard to understand why someone would spend so much of their time complaining about the political parties in another country.

Senior Contributor

Re: Romney

Romney will never be President. We have had enough millionaire Presidents. "Venture capitalists?" Bullsh!t! Vulture Capitalists.