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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Ron Paul: Why Elizabeth Warren is WRONG!

So you have an eclectic sense of priorities, I`m cool with that.  It`s just Noxwith what they are doing TO us in Washington, not just Democrats,  there`s Republicans in the mix too (Detention vote 93 to 7).  Given all that you do not want to have "meaningful gun control"  You neeeeeed 30 rd ammo mags, you neeeeed AR-15s, you neeeed 40 cal Glocks with 13 in the mag and one in the pipe.  That is your litmus test Nox, who wants to take your guns.

Re: Ron Paul: Why Elizabeth Warren is WRONG!

I am opposed to high capacity clips and assault weapons becasue I don't have any.


I'd be outgunned with my 30 year old .22 and 12 guage.

Re: Ron Paul: Why Elizabeth Warren is WRONG!

Just who is it that you think is going to confront and mortally threaten you and yours wherein you need to get off 30 rds right quick? Or 5 out of your old bolt action .410 for that matter?


You read like an unedited chapter of 'The Turner Diaries' some times.


Nobody is going to "take" your guns. Millions of people would like for you to register them and show that you are fit (as in not a felon or an insane person) before you get more of them. Particlularlyof the sort that you mention.



But then having sex standing up can lead to dancing, I suppose. 


Re: Ron Paul: Why Elizabeth Warren is WRONG!

Send the movie back and get him the book right off. The movie is horrible, and doesn't do the.....(what I;m I doing here suggesting that you get Rand right?  AAARGH)......the book justice.


Sam, Im sure you've read and seen them. No?

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Ron Paul: Why Elizabeth Warren is WRONG!   This was posted from "St John" which makes it nearly gospel, right?  Bruce you of all people should be very wary of giving up rights to the government.  You don`t said it out loud on here but you think in the back of your mind that 9/11 was a put up job to draw us into a illegal war.  Those of you that entertain those notions, have to think that the government is being run by mattoid criminals and village idiots.  A senario of OWS getting out of hand or undercover al-Qada cells set to strike or a dozen very real manufactured events that would be used to impose martial law.  UN troops made up of the dregs of the world`s countries(US troops wouldn`t do that to their own families) would patrol our streets.  Look what happened in the ME, you don`t need a tinfoil hat to see that a armed US citizenry is the last line of defense.  Yes, you and Nox don`t like icky Guns and will comply, but don`t take away your neighbor`s right to empty  30 rounds into a UN occupier`s knee-caps.  Who knows, maybe your neighbors would stop the occupiers before they get to your house.  Yes, the Atlas Shrugged movie was poorly written and moves slowly, but it does inspire some to go to the orginal source.

deacon's tin foil hat must be too tight!

  Only a crooked mind can misconstrue the message of that video, which is that the US's foreign policy, the occupation of Iraq is stupid and counter productive.


   Ronnie Raygun and the GOP and NRA helped design the banning of so-called assault weapons and high capacity clips.  All of the GOP clowns you are supporting have supported gun control. 


  The possibility of an invasion and occupation of this Nation by foreign troops is logistically impossible.  The greatest threat is martial law being enforced the fascists you worship and carry water for.


   I do not buy your phony act of supporting Ron Paul., your dishonesty has been too well established by your taking 'liberties" with the Truth and wild hypothetical twisting of reality to take anything you say as Honest.

Re: Ron Paul: Why Elizabeth Warren is WRONG!

Jezzus BA. Now you know what it is that "I don't said (sic)" about the 9-11 attacks and then you take that (incorrect) presumption and buil d an enteir paranoia filled post around it.


If I think anything it is that  the government is run by the leaders and primary owners of a few segments of our economy via virtual ownerhip of the members of legislative bodies. And that they don't much care, actually, what it is that the members who they do own do just as long as they check in with them first.


Are you gfolowint teh follow up in Congress of the story of the Senators and congressmen who have had their wealth soar over the past 10 years and who are presued to have made it trading on inside information?


MY CONGRESSMAN picked up a House Bill that had been sitting around for some time to make members of Cngress do thir trading in the daylight. He got over 220 signatures where it it only ever been able to get a half dozen or more before, many of them Republicans, and had it set to pass easily once it cleared committee with the assuracne that it would pass in the. SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN COMMITTEE IN WHAT WOULD HAVE BEEN A MERE FORMATLITY TODAY..POSSIBLY AS WE SPEAK.


What happened to it?. The logical replacement of Newt Gingrich in the GOP Congressional H of Fame for total slime ball, chicken s##t poitics, Eric Cantor of Va., has shelved it. And God only knows if the press will pick up on it.


It's going to make Tim Walz a big hero in the Democratic party. That's a good thing.


If you don't beleive what I just said, it googles quite nicle

Re: Ron Paul: Why Elizabeth Warren is WRONG!

Haven't seen the movie, the book many years ago. Did see Lord of the Rings though.

Re: Ron Paul: Why Elizabeth Warren is WRONG!

Not, of course, to be mistaken with Lord of the Flies

Senior Advisor

Re: Ron Paul: Why Elizabeth Warren is WRONG!

Had to read that in high school.