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Re: The Republican Rebellion

The record here wouldn't show that he does.  Obsessed with a very colloquial vision of that.

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Re: The Republican Rebellion

Good morning red


It apears to me that Trump thinks he can bulldoze his way through congress and do what he wants but on some issues he will find it very difficult to persuade a majority vote on things he wants. So I don't think he even expects resistance to the things he wants to do.


The wall in not realistic.  He will not get a vote forthe wall because he won't get the funding for it. Mexico won't pay for it and congress will not support samctions against Mexico which is the only way you can intimidate mexico for the funding.


I doubt will get elected and if elected his accomplishment will be greatly limited.


Likewise Hillary has lost my support. Why? Because Bernie is more apt to change the status quo and Hillary will not even try. In other words she will accept Obama care and not even try for single payer healthcare. Which should be the objective of any serious democrat.


In other words we don't need a pseudo democrat. We need a real democrat and a real democrat congress. We cannot vote for republican lite and hillary is a republican lite just as Bill was.