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Roundup has been found to be the cause of
Cancer....and family awarded $289 million.

If you have family or friends that battles non
Hodsokin lymphoma and had significant event
With roundup......

Consider what this is now case law

Oh people on this website will coming to the aid of
Monsanto. Oh they are our friends.

Really ?

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Re: Roundup......guilty

I take it you don't use roundup.

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Re: Roundup......guilty

Yes I do...matter of fact yesterday....didn't see
Warning label of cancer.

I also know several people that have been
Made sick from glyphos.

Before those holly'er than tho get started... Monsanto
Didn't develop roundup to help was

You need to research how much money was made.

Then look at the internal memos exposed when
Their own research raised questions.

Oh...but that's fake news...oh it's the liberals,
The Democrats, the Communist.

Go tell those in the hospital that were exposed
And are's all in your head.

The next question...what will it do to the glyphos
Market ??

But hey, what can you say about an industry
That sells a form of agent orange...

The entire industry is running for the hills
We are running out of chemicals....and the
Cost of chemical farming is becoming too

Those old plows in the shelter belt....might get
Pulled out.

Rather interesting
..have a fellow doing organic Milo....other Milo
Around him....he plowed...burried the seed.
Not that much worse. That used lumex/lexar

Oh as I said, FB, the commodity groups, etc
Will come to Monsanto aid.

BA Deere
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Re: Roundup......guilty

"Oh as I said, FB, the commodity groups, etc
Will come to Monsanto aid."    



Why should I, what has Roundup done for me lately?   



German company Bayer now owns Monsanto.  Just as a side note, did the guy that won the lawsuit actually use Monsanto`s Roundup?  Or was it a cheap Chinese knockoff?  Some of that generic glyphosate has little black specks on the bottom of the jug, so who knows what the Chinese mix with what they`re peddling.

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Re: Roundup......guilty just questioning
What it was.

You are so used to acting the way you do
It's automatic.

We now see the problem.

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Re: Roundup......guilty

I take it you will no longer use it now that you know the dangers. Don't know how it was ever slipped past the federal government being it is so dangerous.

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Re: Roundup......guilty

Regarding tillage -- NRCS and our Conservation Plans might have something to say about that also, but let's keep it quiet, don't want them stepping up their compliance checks, especially if we're running out of options.

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Re: Roundup......guilty



on another post, sorry to hear of the Lab reports, may the best work out for you.


NOW, did the "worker" ever read the label...two instances of his getting wet, and drifted on, the label does suggest a "few"

recommendations, and just because he worked for a university doesn't mean he can read, so the university should actually

be on the list, providing information for the ignorant.


I'm NOT a big fan of Mansanto, BUT I have been using the product "glos" annually since 1996 when we went totally no-til.


I may be dying of something from chemicals, but I don't know that. The sun also is a source of cancer, diesel smoke, various oil production

chemicals have also been used around me.


Then in another thread, you wished/noped for drought for someone else, no after surviving farm crises through the 80's and several droughts, then seeing that indicates you are either need some help, or you are a really dirty cheap damned careful what you wish for, in other words.





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Re: Roundup......guilty

Bass...the comment was made how this area is so bad, we shouldn't

Farm....that gets on my single nerve.  I've been thru all

Of that...I didnt say without scares..but if you are going

To laugh at that...then yes, I hope you have to go

Thru what we have, years of dry wx...ponds don't even

Had would Iowa, Illinois or Indiana be

After a number of DRY years, low production and on

Top of that low prices...

You want to have fun of me..remember your physics

"Equal and opposite reaction".


Roundup....when all this started, Monsanto let the

Farmers and farm and commodity groups doing

The backwards..a product I buy and

Pay a nice price for, then I work to protect a big

Company...long time ago, data showed problems

With the chemical/system...but was hidden...

How many farmers were told it was only

Impacted plants...I was at a meeting once when

One of their company reps it was harmless..said

You could drink it, or stick your hand into

A bucket of it...and no impact.

This was their company man telling farmers.

Data in Europe showed it was not as safe as thought.


Sorry...glyphos was not made to help the farmers,

Rather a huge money maker... Imagine, being

Able to sell your product to over 50% of the

Farmed acres in the nation.


I personally know of two people that glyphos had

An impact on their health.....they were fine when they

Went out....only putting on round up, that

Eve they were sick. it is case law.


Granted...there could be liability issues for the

University..... But the thing that did the damage

Was a product by Monsanto.


Yes I do use glyphos.,..and yes didn't feel well after

Using it....the smell can make you sick.

I will continue to use...if the price does not go

To the moon, which it could due to product



Had they been such good stewards and farmers friends

They have known for years resistance issues....yet no

New chemistry to replace it.


Now...our major chemical and seed suppliers are

Not even American based.....that sir, is a problem

For me...we talk about america...there is not much

Left of us....we've let control leave...and little if

Any resistance by farm groups, commodity or

Other...and justice dept just rubber stamped it.


Many on here want to yell...but the sad truth, america

Has been exported for's left...due

To regulations, but àlso far lower wages...these

Decisions were not made in the white house, but

The boardrooms. The

If you did well in the stock market, then you

Are/were part of the problem...demanding good


This has been happening for a number of years.


With our society and economy...although I wish

We could push time back and fix our mistakes,



Just to rub salt into open wounds..under who's watch

Has the "sell out of agriculture" happed with chemicals

And seed ??


I have to say in one respect I feel sorry for trump...

The trump ship has so many holes in it, they are running

Out of staff to put fingers into holes to stop leaks.....


Problem is....I'm riding in the same boat.


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Re: Roundup......guilty

So glyphosate is listed a 'possible carcinogen' by some agencies and a 'probable carcinogen' by some while others do not rate it as carcinogenic.

This lawsuit should make anyone manufacturing or selling alcohol sit up and take notice since ALL alcohols are rated as definitely carcinogenic.


Where is the outrage about alcohol consumption since that is taken internally by many people who would never come in contact with glyphosate.