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Since picking up the Adelson endorsement and rherefore the foreign policy jackpot I felt almost positive that he would be the GOP nominee. But he might have crapped in his hat now as he has wandered over into the dark world of giving a comment or two on income equality and wages.
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Re: Rubio

Its going to be Bush vs political dynasty against another.


Hillary rose up during the debate and claimed her spot and she is not going to give it up.


JEB has the money behind him, and the old adage is ...follow the money.


John Ellis Bush...get used to him. He is going to take away Obamacare, too.

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speaking of follow the money,

and this is totally unrelated to Mr Rubio or Mr Bush....


the Wal-Mart heirs lost 9 billion in one day, have lost 39 billion since January,  not to worry, still worth 83 billion.



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Re: speaking of follow the money,

yeah and they are still each richer than the bottom tier 40% of Americans.


Which sounds pretty bad until you realize that every kid in America with a savings account and no debt is worth more than than the bottom third of Amercans when it comes to net worth since that tier of Americans have negative net worth.



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Re: Rubio

Red is right it will be Jeb and Hillary unless a lightening bolt strikes either one then perhaps it would be Rubio verses Joe Biden.


Hillary dealt Biden a dirty hand in coming out against the TPP.  Biden would have to defend it being part of the Obama administration ...oh Hillary is for it and will defend it if elected, but this was a ploy to keep Biden out.


I would guess Bush would tap Rubio for VP, but both being from Florida, I would think he`d want a conservative midwesterner to alkalize his Rinoism.

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Re: Rubio

Republican VP will be a woman or a minority, or preferably both.


Only way to win the 2016 election.


Hillary can pick whoever she wants....not in the same situation...she IS the historic candidate and is lapping it up like koolaid.....saw her in the debates telling people its another historic election and it's HER turn.


And for what it's worth, JEB just got himself back into my good graces by coming out against OBAMACARE. I said before I might just stay home, but after seeing what is being done to healthcare in America, I WILL vote for JEB.


Re: Rubio

Reading all of the speculation here it's easy to forget how much it hangs on the state primaries and who the delegates are coming out of the states. Not sure some of those states with traditionally country club, chamber of commerce leadership can hold off the populists to get Jeb there. And like Trump ( and Sanders for that matter) he'll have to explain how to pay for his back of a cocktail napkin alternative health care plan. Won't be in a position like his brother was with the war and just get his sidekick to state "the deficits don't matter" or "the oil will pay for it".
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Re: Rubio

JEB's alternative is going to contain free market initiatives and will cost less than the blank check obamacare.


Trust me on this one...nothing is as bad fiscally as Obamacare is.....does absolutely NOTHING to contain costs but just is a cost shifting program on the backs of hard working Americans.


I know that you guys that  believe in a golden goose are not going to take the time to understand this, but reasonable people will. And especially the ones that do are going to droves.

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Re: Rubio

There are a lot of gullible people out there who are going to be VERY POd if the ACA is canned if the repubs get full control.


Re: Rubio

Simply curious as to where you are getting the notion that ACA is going to be much of an election issue. Polled potential voters have it well down the lists of concerns.  It is a rather small % of people who are fully covered on their own dime as it is.


Truth be told, and I'm sure you've been waiting for somebody to say this, but the mere fact that you are experiencing what you are, considering your strata, stands as a certain degree of proof that it is working somewhat as intended.