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bruce MN

Rudi clears it up on questions over....

.... his doings with the most mega capitalist oligarchy since 17th century Netherlands 

“I’m the biggest anti-communist;you’ve ever met”.

It’s actually easy to overlook just how seriously modern R wingers abuse the presumption factor when depending on Cold War sentiments. When a version of the Russian oligarchic authoritarian state is what the propaganda feeders really want. But can deflect with one  word (like sorta kinda the BA  “back in the day,  which I don’t know a damn thing about but this is what I think I heard”method.....


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Senior Advisor

Re: Giuliani, that addle-brained old fool, ...

 ....prison's too good for him.   Trump used & abused an old man, now watch him throw him away like so much jetsam.