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Senior Advisor

Rudy- with insufficient evidence

but best guess.

Rudy has probably been the guy with DD's ear about how they could fix everything by revealing the '16 vast conspiracy and starting their own conspiracy theory.

My guess would be that Barr's European Fishing Trip turned up nothing of use.

Despite putting up appearances to the contrary, they know they're in trouble.

So they're going to throw Rudy under the bus and try to make it appear that DD is just a lovable yokel who got hoodwinked-they've already worked variations on that theme.

Since the main firewall thus far has been white fellers in Congress acting like raging lunatics they brought in the originator of the genre- PeeWee.

I think I'll have the Skinny Pop instead of the Extra Butter. This is going to be, as they say in Indiana, "sumpthin'".