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Senior Advisor

Ruger mini-14

chambered in .223 has all the functionality of an assault rifle- probably a better gun than some of the cheap knockoffs.

Benefit is that it might escape confiscation on account of conventional sporting style.

Although not as cool looking.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Ruger mini-14

Although would probably have to hide the optional banana clip

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Ruger mini-14

A few days ago you were saying `go ahead and vote for Biden, he can`t take your guns, because Scalia has them safe for decades`.  But now you changed your tune and ` Biden might let you keep your Mini-14`, The Mini-14 is on Diane Feinstein`s list, so I wouldn`t be too sure about that, better vote for Trump and sleep better at night.

A reminder that the NRA won

Scalia’s 2A opinions will dictate the law of the land for at least several decades if not forever.

It is all just political agitation of the fearful butt hurt now.

Senior Contributor

Re: Ruger mini-14

Why do the leftist want to ban a gun that millions of Americans target shoot with and hunt with?  Why do they want to ban a gun that kills less people than fists and bats?  Why do they want to ban a gun that isn't used in robberies?

The odd thing is only leftist have a track record of shooting legislators and other elected officials.  I think it would be wiser to ban leftist, look at the felons who've shot elected officials.


Not all liars are Democrats, but all Democrats in power are liars.