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Senior Contributor

Rule the world

In senile joe's GA speech yesterday for jon "oarsoff" Smiley LOL (Is that sexist or senile? mispronouncing his name) he stated that he wanted to "rule the world".

MS/L media deems senile joe a wannabe dictator - Mmm, no just kidding, senile joe said he wants to rule the world, not Trump - so it's just cute.

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Senior Contributor

Re: Rule the world

Say this much, the next four years are promising to be both exciting and memorable.

Then again, the exact same words could have also been used to accurately describe the beginnings of WWs I & II.

Buckle up and hang on tight, kids! Let’s all try to stay well diversified. We should consider hedging our investment bets for polar opposite inflationary and deflationary circumstances, but no one should ever think to sell the farm under any circumstances. Life goes on.

Senior Advisor

Re: Rule the world

Pushing asset prices to historic overvaluation is always a long term problem.

Clinton/Greenspan still hangs over us, as does Shrub’s housing bubble.

Strangely, I think Greenspan’s sealed doctoral thesis (he didn’t finish the course) is correct.

The first job of a central bank should be to stop bubbles from forming.

Unfortunately the stock market level was the prime political obsession of the outgoing administration and the sole achievement.