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Rural Broadband?

It costs a lot of money to run fiber to every farm.  Who pays for it?


Should the government look at internet access like roads and airwaves, a public utility that the government somehow pays for?


If you had super broadband capability, what difference does it make?  Would your kids stay near the farm?  Would businesses let you telecommute?  Would you be overrun with people who liked the country but didn't like you spreading manure?


Do you need it?

Who pays for it?


Maybe we ought to be careful of what we ask for.

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Re: Rural Broadband?

It  will  happen  as  soon  as  the  Southern  Border  is  closed,   and  the  waLL  is  built,   and  when  someone  else  Pe$0's  for  it ,   &  also  as  soon  as  the  mafia  is  sent  back  to  southern  Europe  -  maybe  or  maybe  not - ?


THEN  it  will   happen ,  or  maybe  a  ''  farm  organization  ''  such  as  ? ,   &   will  fund  broadband  with  ''  dues ''  -  ? 


Katz,  you  pose  some  excellent  questions,  and  the  kids  could  move  back ,  stay ,  &  drive  our  autonomous  tractors   &   pull  30  ton  grain  carts  over  15  ton  bridges   -  m a y b e  -  ?     

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Re: Rural Broadband?

We have fibre with amazing speeds on internet, phones and TV too.

'We' paid for it because it is a Co-Op service that 'we' the users own.

Had private and semi private phone service back in the 70ies too.

That while the corporation served areas near us still had party lines after 2000 and they still do not have fibre either.

Cooperation is the way to go.


BTW our patronage pays much of the bill in February most years.

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Re: Rural Broadband?

Have had fiber her in the sticks for years. Only pay for 50meg access speeds but can go up to a gig I believe for a reasonable rate.