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Rush should be taken off the air

I could not believe this, I checked two sources, and heard it for myself...............


He is basicly stay that the hurricane heading twards florida, which is one of the most strongest hurricanes in HISTORY.....ALMOST

EVERONE IN FLORDIA IS IN DANAGER..........yes "person" is down playing it, saying he doesn't believe the forecast, saying its

all political........


folks, when you get on the air, and tell people that the storm approaching isn't dangerious.......he doesn't believe the forecast........


I think that is criminal.......people will listen to him, and may be hurt or he willing to accept the responsibility for


what he is saying ???


he goes on how this group and that group have a vested interest in making everyone fearful and etc........


dam right they do........this is huge.....this is dangerous.....this storm can kill........we want to get people out of the road,


we want them to be safe....yes we don't have the exact path.....but when the storm is wider than the state of flordia, does


it really matter.........folks.......if you can't see how crazy this man is by this one story, you frankly deserve him and


where he is blindly leading you...


in the interest of public safety, where people are being told to leave, and he says he doesn't believe it and that


it's just the left, right, up down whatever, just to have some sort of wacky point......he can be taken off the


air, and I think it's time it's down,  this is way too serious........if not, maybe rush should go out and ride the


storm out, there on the beach, since there is nothing to fear...........


oh, now the governor of flordia is telling people t leave........seems like rush knows more than they do.....





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Re: Rush should be taken off the air

Millions of people stuck in traffic on I-75 and I-95 obviously don't listen to him.

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Re: Rush should be taken off the air

"I wish you would stop being so good to me Cap'n."


Luke (played by Paul Newman) to Prison Camp Warden (Played by Strother Martin).

Cool Hand Luke (1967)





If Rush bothers you so much, turn off your own radio, your own TV, or your own WiFi. Yes, turn them all off, but please kindly refrain from telling the rest of us what we can and cannot listen to, watch, or read. The market will ultimately decide if you let it.


Otherwise...Matthew 18:9

BA Deere
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Re: Rush should be taken off the air

No where did I actually see or hear that Rush said "hurricanes aren`t dangerous" Rush lives in Florida.  To the non-mentally retarded what Rush said was don`t panic and the media hypes this stuff up and we all know that.   I don`t think any emergency survival guide would suggest that panic is ever a good idea.


Wasn`t there a hurricane forecast for Florida about 10 years ago and the media hyped it promising it would hit, scared people half to death and the evacuated, by the time it got to land it died out.   I know I know "better safe than sorry" but if there was calm honest reporting, a lot of this crap and waste wouldn`t happen.   But the left is trying to tie this to global Florida and Texas never had hurricanes in the past. Why are there hurricane shutters on houses down there, decoration?  

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Re: Rush should be taken off the air

I'm sorry Packard, that is part of what's wrong
With our county...nobody will stand up and say
Something is wrong.

In this instance of rush downplaying things is
A disservice to the public. Yes, if you do what
He did, yes there are provisions for taking
Him off the air.
Granted I don't like his politics....but when he
Instills doubt when everyone, including Trump,
Tells people to leave for their own good, that
Is totally irresponsible. He is making the hurricane
Political.....sorry a cat 5 storm doesn't care
What party you are.
If Rush is so sure that the "liberals" are just using
This.....Rush prove the wrong. Go down by the
Ocean, in an average house and ride it out.
If you can say it, then practice it.

Yep just like I thought

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Re: Rush should be taken off the air

So you are saying the good people of Florida cannot think for themselves and only follow Rush Limbaugh`s advice? Yeah, you are probably right......

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Re: Rush should be taken off the air

And if the media didn't issue any warnings about a bunch of tornadoes headed towards whatever podunk county you live in and they hit your little house in the middle of the night, if you didn't blow away, you would be screaming about the lack of warning from the media! Limbaugh said it was a liberal scheme. Alex jones says the liberals are geoengineering these storms! Ha! Humans don't cause global change but the liberals can make hurricanes!!! You guys are all worthless!!!
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Re: Rush should be taken off the air

I don`t think the left is messing with the weather (to busy working on southern history, Russia and which bathroom to use).........

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Rush...think the hurricane is fake news now ?

from what I have found out is that the EIB studio's are located in PALM BEACH COUNTY, FLORDIA


There is now a MANATORY evacuation issued for most of PALM BEACH COUNTY.....


for someone of his stature to make such a statement.....something is wrong




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Re: Rush...think the hurricane is fake news now ?