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Re: Rush tells listeners that he is the "luckiest man"

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I believe the old adage of "competition is good for business" however that does not give license to utilize Chinese slave labor or desperate Mexicans to do the hog butcherin`.    I follow some Bigshots on Twitter and it all isn`t all a bed of roses for them, many have a autistic child or personal health problems behind the scenes, yet they overcome the challenges in their quest to farm the state.  

I look at Rush hearing issues and now lung cancer, yet he has inarguable common sense, he`s entertaining based in logic.  I believe that God wants us to be "happy warriors", you will not survive these times if you can not laugh in it face of hardship.  And make no mistake, post January 20th, we are f*cked.

Unless, President Trump is saved by Patriots of courage in Congress. Those that won’t, will be targeted by primaries and replaced. 

Will the vote counters allow that, I doubt it.

They will probably be upset by the all-out resistance that will come, as well.