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Russia Hoax:Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary and Frame Trump

Looks like a good book!   



Image: Book Review: Gregg Jarrett’s “The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump”

(Natural News) Even now, more than two years after the Obama administration’s politicized FBI and Justice Department conspired to launch “Spygate” and set in motion the master plan to disrupt the candidacy of Donald Trump and then undermine his presidency, we continue to see new evidence of the scandal, thanks to a handful of GOP lawmakers who continue to dig for answers.

But the other massive Obama scandal to clear Hillary Clinton of any wrongdoing for her trafficking in classified information via an unsecured private email server – crimes that would have landed ordinary Americans in jail for most of their lives – has been swept to the sidelines largely because she’s no longer a relevant political force.

That doesn’t mean the Herculean effort to give her a pass isn’t still newsworthy; it is. Some of the same figures who were either in on the plot to ensure she got a pass or who might have known about it likely still work for DoJ and the FBI. One of them – Rod Rosenstein – is currently the deputy attorney general.

A new book by Fox News legal analyst and attorney Gregg Jarrett lays out in great detail the entirety of the scandal. “The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump” is chock full of more than 700 footnotes contained in 131 pages that are not simply verification of assertions made in the book but evidence of the scandalous effort to overturn the 2016 election results – “from the Steele dossier, to the corruption of the Deep State, to the exoneration of Hillary Clinton, to the [special counsel Robert] Mueller investigation,” talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh noted during his show last week.



In a very readable format, according to Limbaugh, Jarrett lays out the premise for Clinton’s exoneration – that no matter what, Obama and his sycophantic allies at DoJ and the FBI, all of whom concluded on their own, the American people be damned, that Donald Trump did not deserve to be president and therefore would not be, as they ensured that Hillary would not only be available for nomination but ordained into the Oval Office.

Jarrett explains how the Democratic primaries were rigged by the DNC to ensure that Hillary would ‘win’ the nomination. The races – which were increasingly being won by socialist-turned-Democratic candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont – were to be nothing but fake exercises in democracy. (Related: Robert Mueller using prosecution of Manafort to fraudulently grant immunity to Clinton deep state op....)


Clear Hillary at all costs

He notes that because she was pre-ordained to capture the nomination and ‘handily’ defeat Trump, she can’t be charged with any criminal activity because that would essentially nullify Obama’s third (and fourth?) term.

It was clear that Clinton broke a number of laws when it came to her handling of classified emails and other documents. All of those are supposed to be exchanged on secured government servers, not left out in the open on unsecured private networks that can be (and likely were) intercepted by foreign intelligence.

Since the story surrounding Clinton’s mishandling of classified emails first broke, Jarrett has been all over it. That’s why he’s been emphatic in his insistence that the Mueller probe is complete garbage and ought to be ended.

In December during an appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program, Jarrett predicted that as more congressional Republicans put together evidence showing definite bias against POTUS Trump on Mueller’s investigative team, the “house of cards” was going to collapse.

He’s also said he doesn’t believe that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is being consulted when it comes to major decisions at his DoJ, just because he recused himself from the Mueller ‘Russia’ probe.

And while Mueller continues to charge and advance cases against Trump-aligned figures, not a single person aligned with Clinton has been touched, as Jarrett points out.

You should also watch this Real.Video exclusive on the “Spygate” scandal:

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Senior Contributor

Re: Russia Hoax:Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary and Frame Trump

Its not very hard to figure out the agenda given the very slight amount of proven Trump/Russian interaction vs the volume of interaction that Hillary has had with Russia over the years.


One meeting initiated by outside the Trump campaign vs millions spent by Hillary going to Russians actively digging(or is it creating) dirt on Trump.


The comparison is ludicrous, yet the slight one is made into a mountain and the significant one is ignored.  What conclusion would a rational person come to?



Re: Russia Hoax:Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary and Frame Trump

To clear her over the pizza parlor child trafficking ring?


Veteran Advisor

Re: Russia Hoax:Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary and Frame Trump

Millions spent by Hillary going to Russia??? I hadn’t heard that. When did all this happen??

How's that timeline thingy working far ya?

Now the game has circled down to, sure, maybe we did a little collusion and obstruction but Hillary is worse and it is a Deep State conspiracy.


It is working, Trump is rock steady at 42%.


A horrible 2 years (or more) dead ahead, with nobody giving an inch.


We're all going to be the worse for it. Even the stolid white patras familia.

Senior Contributor

3 things I'm sure of

If Trump broke a law Mueller will let us know about it.


Hillary and crew broke laws and will never face time.


You could care less about honesty.