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Russia Russia Russia ......Rubio says Nyet

Little Rubio says that if the Mueller gang actually had anything after danged near two years, it would have been leaked a long time ago. That's the way those cats operate.


Guess that won't stop ObNox and Boris from a new "this is it, guys" story in another day or two, though.



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Re: Russia Russia Russia ......Rubio says Nyet

They'll to drag it out till the dem's get the house at the very least.  Deep states need that to protect their flank.  Right now the investigation has Trump hemmed in.


Good Synopsis so far

I knowhow much Obnox and Boreus love the townhall posts.


BA summed it up a long time ago...eventually Mueller is going to find out that Trump said he did something at 9 Am when it really was 9:30 and Mueller is going to say "gotcha".


Good rundown on all the stuff that the progressives didn't see fit to investigate and bring charges on, too, the real obstruction and crimes.