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Russia, Russia, Russia

From the Hearing today, it looks like more than a smoking gun out there.

One of the initial questions, dealt with the "changing" of votes in the states of FL, WI, MI, NC, and others.

I don't think anyone on here that are against our so called president, feel that votes already cast were changed somehow by Russia. Yet, they keep asking the question that way. A more appropriate question, would be:

Did the constant drip of the stolen emails that Russian actors gave to Wikileaks and others, change enough voters minds to vote against Secretary Clinton?

To most of us against Trump, the answer is yes - it did influence the election. Comey's news conferences before the election also influenced the election in favor of Trump.

It would've taken very few votes changed in a few key states, to swing this election. Not "changed" after the vote was cast - but the change was in voters minds because of the Russian involvement in stealing the emails. Question is, were thay helped, by actors here in the US...and my guess of that answer is yes.

There is more than a connection with our current administration and Russia - it is closer to our administration is in bed with them....

Tick Tock....

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