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Re: Russia, Russia, Russia

You mean there was still a voter or two under a rock that hasn`t known for 25 years that the Clintons are crooks...everybody knows that.  The WiKi leaks deal was constantly being "discredited" by CNN, MSNBC and the Huff-Po..wasn`t that enough?    So the story the Dems are pushing is "I would`ve voted for Hillary, but those WiKi Leaks so convinced me that Hillary is crooked and so I settled and voted for Trump"  Gimmee a break Smiley Very Happy


Hillary voters know damned well she`s a crook and that`s why they like her, she`ll get a lot of goodies for them...or so they believe.


Kind of like I know Trump isn`t exactly son-in-law material but he`ll keep my guns safe and kick the Mexicans that being the case, I have to side with him  Smiley Happy

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