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Rutgers - Anti-Semitism

[Wednesday:  Rutgers University-New Brunswick chancellor Christopher Molloy and provost Francine Conway sent an email to the student body condemning the recent rise in anti-Semitism America is experiencing amid the conflict between Israel and the terror organization Hamas.

This email called to denounce the "acts of hate and prejudice" against Jewish people and "any other targeted and oppressed groups on our campus and in our community" as the country sees a "recent resurgence of anti-Semitism."

The email also instructed students who have experienced anti-Semitism to reach out to the school support services and said the university was "working in close partnership with leaders of the Rutgers Jewish community" to address student needs.

According to the Rutgers Hillel-- a Jewish advocacy organization – the main university campus has 6,400 Jewish undergraduate students and is the "largest Jewish undergraduate population in the country."

Thursday:  The chancellor and provost of a satellite campus of Rutgers University apologized for an email they sent out condemning anti-Semitism.

Molloy and Conway sent a separate email, titled "An Apology," on Thursday to "sincerely" apologize for their first email condemning anti-Semitism.]

Gotta love those liberal colleges of higher learning and indoctrination.

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Re: Rutgers - Anti-Semitism

The left in this country are rapidly becoming nothing but pure evil and hate.