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SCOTUS conflagration: Washington DC’s shiny new misdirection bauble


Ignore the rampant inflation at your local gas stations, grocery stores, fertilizer purchases, and utility companies. Put the mostly peaceful violence and unchecked crime occurring in our cities out of your mind. Forget about the government aided multi-million man invasion on our southern border. Let’s not even talk for awhile about sending an additional $33 billion dollars (and still counting) of military aid overseas to help inflame an Eastern European domestic quarrel that 80% of Americans could not correctly find on a map.

Then, there is also the systemic government corruption & incompetence among our US State Department, our DOJ, our FBI, our CIA, our NSA, our Pentagon, and our Homeland Security. Having a “By any means necessary” political weaponization of government does come with a price, don’t you know? 

Finally, everyone should just be quiet about the increasingly thuggish nature of our power elite classes working on Wall Street, in Silicon Valley, in Hollywood, and within our our own federal government. Censorship and selective bullying in the name of freedom is always a good thing...ehhh?

Never mind any of the above problems. Abortion, Roe v. Wade, and Sam Alito are now the new shiny baubles to entertain and distract the rest of us. It is time to take to the streets in order to scream & holler some more. Burning, Looting, & Murdering will again be optional for some.

Time and the coming elections will determine whether this latest Washington DC misdirection gambit will work once again. Stay tuned.

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Senior Advisor

Re: SCOTUS conflagration: Washington DC’s shiny new misdirection bauble

What is your solution for the global inflation problem, oh ever so tired worldly sage one?