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SOB can’t breathe for lying

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Re: Disingenuous Democrats

[(Trump) can't breathe for lying]


Let me make sure that I am clear on the details, A democrat talking point for years has been to give 800,000+- dreamers legal status, Democrats have voted to erect a border wall in the past, Democrats have voted to reign in chain migration in the past.

So Trump proposes to legalize and provide a path to citizenship for - not Obama's & Democrats 800,000 dreamers but for over 2,000,000 dreamers; reigning in chain migration to include just parents & children, build about 700 miles of border wall, and reign in the lottery. 


Again, the only part of Trump's plan that Democrats have not agreed to in the past is the number of dreamers, Democrats proposal is 800,000+-, Trumps proposal 2,000,000+.  


When Trump proposed this compromise, I thought Democrats would jump on it. 

Democrat hypocrisy anyone?

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Re: SOB can’t breathe for lying

Dems will gladly sell our dreamers to keep chain migration. That's where the votes are.

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Re: SOB can’t breathe for lying


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Crosses the Line....Time Out?

Take a self imposed timeout, Pal. Your TDS just made you cross the line. Get some help.