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   The international fascists are running full steam ahead to enact as much limits on Free Speech and other American liberty as possible before there is a chance they will lose their hold on legislation.


A Power Play in Congress – and How To Stop It

by Karen Kwiatkowski



  There is a Mussolini-esque idea shared by many in Congress today, and by current and past Presidents. They believe that a modern America is realized when "Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State." This ideal of bureaucrats and centralists is antithetical to the classical liberalism of the founders. It is antithetical to liberty, and it is a fundamental reason for the modern growth of the state – to the extent that the current account borrowing has exceeded the entire annual GDP of what was once the greatest, most productive and most admired nation on the planet. Bureaucrats and centralists in Washington have created in America a modern socialist Greece, writ large, minus the tourism.


 SOPA represents the national socialism that taints every D.C. government "solution" offered in the 21st century. That PIPA and SOPA won’t work to end or even reduce data piracy goes without saying. The Japanese faced down Chinese data piracy years ago – with a combination of technology, software and creative business and distribution models. Content producers in the United States have absolutely no excuse not to meet the challenge – but instead they seek to rent-seek, to shape the business environment not through competition, but through favorable laws and government-granted aid and benefits – with the complete and greedy cooperation of the central state in DC.


  There is a reason the founders limited the role of the federal government, and had the Congress meet infrequently. To allow otherwise requires our constant alertness, our instant and unleashed rage, our profound and constantly communicated contempt for the Congress. We must reject their idiocy, condemn rent-seeking, and crush the bureaucratic confidence of our so-called representatives.


  The story of the PIPA and SOPA – and what we hope will be its imminent legislative desiccation and death – is indeed remarkable. Free market, pro-technology, free speech and Constitutional arousal in opposition to the blacklisting, technology-opposing, constitution-offending, rent-seeking and liberty-hating legislation has been powerful. Congressmen and Senators are fleeing like surprised cockroaches from these bills. Further, several congressmen associated with the top down interference and control of technology and communication – in the name of keeping all of us "safe" and "honest" face, primaries or general elections, and many will lose these elections.


  Americans failed to sufficiently oppose the Patriot Act, jammed down out throats a decade ago in the name of safety and security. Instead, we face a Catch-22 between fear of travel in our own country, and fear of publicly complaining about the security state, lest we be named enemy combatants, and are disappeared into a Constitution-free zone of endless, unwarranted federal incarceration.


  The national reaction to SOPA and PIPA legislation should give us all hope that peaceful change is indeed, for the moment, still possible. I am delighted to be at the forefront of a political war, as the congressional primary challenger to Bob "Il Duce" Goodlatte. This chief author of SOPA, and defender of an imaginary U.S. government right to manage the Internet, and its billions of users, is paid handsomely to do it. It’s par for the course. Goodlatte is widely known for implementing legislation to ban and punish Internet gaming through federal seizure and lockdown of related financial transactions – all while actively supporting the domestic horse racing industry, which had heavily donated to his war chest.


  My challenge to Bob Goodlatte is founded in my opposition to his long and hypocritical history of centralizing, regulating, spending and subsidizing. I believe that liberty and freedom, free markets and peace, will ultimately succeed and predominate in America. As my readers already know, I am a long-term optimist. But we can do a lot more than just sit around waiting to be proven correct. A politically vile ten-term RINO needs to be sent a message, and he needs to be sent packing. Our June 12th primary is eminently winnable, and we intend to win it. The fighting 6th District of Virginia will do its part, and our plan, in addition to killing SOPA in its crib, is to send another Dr. No to Washington in November. Join us!

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Senior Advisor


It's not international fascist, it is hollywood and big media protecting their .01% status by forcing the internet to uphold copyright laws.

Veteran Advisor


Aren't you in favor of protecting the individual's rights?  One of your good ol' boys from TX sponsored this bill.