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Sad, But True


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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Sad, But True

That says it all right there, Craig.  Only someone that wants to destroy the country would be a Hillary supporter at this point....they have plum run out of excuses.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Sad, But True

just look at the shrinking sample of fruitcakes see some of them hedging

their bets now, and just the ones like Mr. Bunghole, Miss Idiot that keeps getting booted 

for being gross and stupid, and the government workers and/or teat suckers still supporting

the crooked old Bee with any gusto, and they seem to be running out of steam, too. Nobody

wants to hook up with the lying failed sack of human excrement. Once the momentum turns,

people always want to distance themselves from losers. Human nature.


I hope Sir Trump hammers Mrs. CLinton in the debates until the veins in her neck bulge and

her eyes pop out. And then I hope Lord Trump dismisses her with some charitable comment

about her no longer being a worthy opponent. If the lying, crooked failure can convince over

half of America that she is a quality candidate for the highest office, the country is way more

gone than we can recover from.


If all she has is that "the other guy may be worse than me, the devil you know" it's a very sad






BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Sad, But True

Hillary`s health failing, I believe that human beings weren`t designed to do that much evil and still function and her surrogates on here no doubt also get ill carrying water for such as person.   I think if explained to them, Hillary supporters either get healed or trip their circuit breakers and attempt to just coast to November 8th.   The truth is like throwing a bucket of holy water on a witch.

Senior Contributor

Re: Sad, But True





She was talking about bigots like you putting up uncomplimentary pics of the first lady, who btw is admired as much if not more than Jackie O.



Senior Contributor

Excuse me



That's LORD bunghole to you !!



Senior Advisor

Re: Sad, But True



Senior Contributor

Re: Sad, But True



Will be Bill, not Tim. Smiley Very Happy


This has all been been planned since the night that Bill & Hill first met. It was a long night.


Swinging so hard and fast..becoming Trump's to lose

Dems ran a bad candidate. Dem voters starting to figure that out and will probably stay home and crash the down ballot. Watched just a couple of minutes of Morning Joe and you could get the entire big picture, the whole story just looking at Mika's eyes.


Only shot to defeat Trump is for Hillary Clinton to play the ailment card and drop out on the basis of some new medical advice. 


VP Pence easily unites the Congressional GOP and there will be a flurry of counteractive legislation.  And very likely belated retribution inspired prosecutions.   


I'm serious as a heart attack. That is what's in the wind.  It's, as I heard some analyst say, a 4 state race. Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania and Trump is leading in a number of polls in 3 of them and bearing down in the other.

Re: Swinging so hard and fast..becoming Trump's to lose

Whether she loses fast- i.e., loses, or slow, i.e., in a gridlocked Texas Death Match, it'll be interesting to see if there's any blowback on the DLC establishment.


But probably similar to the True Believers on the other side, who, following the catastrophic Bush years just disavowed him personally and went off in search of someone purer- or crazier.


I do stand in awe of the Ailes/Bannon team, which is playing the media and hence The Folk like a Stradivarius.