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Re: Swinging so hard and fast..becoming Trump's to lose

No chance of any retrospection from the iinside Dem pros.  Nada.  If they had either the instincts or insight necessary they would have had the temerity to and seen the urgency in keeping her out of the race.  


Perfectly feckless.  No different than the Ryan wing of the GOP.....deeply neoliberal, just with a different, or as abuddy of mine used to say, a cuter "way of getting on and off". All "issues" are tangential. The big really stuff isn't issues, as in political.

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Re: Swinging so hard and fast..becoming Trump's to lose

For now, bigger and bigger government is the only game in town. Admittedly, it is the world's greatest confidence game, but better a "paid shill" in a con game than to be one of the "trimmed marks"...ehhh guys?


It follows, that Hillary remains (known health issues notwithstanding) the best choice for those prepared to profit from the crony capitalism of Wall Street, K Street, our military industrial complex, and trillion dollar deficit spending.


Mrs. C. may be an elitist, a liar, and a crook, but take heart. As our next President, she will be "our elitist" "our liar," and "our crook." What is good for the likes of Warren Buffett, Tim Cook, George Soros, Jamie Dimon, Jeff Immelt, Larry Fink, Lloyd Blankfein, Mark Cuban, and Bill Gates will also be good for America.


[On the other hand, if the scale of this highly leveraged con should ever be blown; it might behoove you folks who make your living out of growing things out of the ground and raising things for slaughter to not forget your highly specialized skill sets. Although you may not appreciate this; you can do something vital that few of your fellow Americans have ever done.] 

Re: Swinging so hard and fast..becoming Trump's to lose

I'm still relatively sanguine in the belief that demographics will have out.


But the closer it gets the more likely that our overdue rendezvous with destiny will present itself as the country being the no mans land between the trenches.


While I won't convince anyone of anything, More of the Same is infinitely preferable to that. But at these turning points in history, folks just want to have it out.


From Sam Houston's speech on Texas' secession. Apparently enough People Who Mattered disagreed, and more than enough shlubs.


"What is there that is free that we have not? Are our rights invaded and no Government ready to protect them? No! Are our institutions wrested from us and others foreign to our taste forced upon us? No! Is the right of free speech, a free press, or free suffrage taken from us? No! Has our property been taken from us and the Government failed to interpose when called upon? No, none of these! The rights of the States and the rights of individuals are still maintained. We have yet the Constitution, we have yet a judiciary, which has never been appealed to in vain—we have yet just laws and officers to administer them; and an army and navy, ready to maintain any and every constitutional right of the citizen. Whence then this clamor about disunion? Whence this cry of protection to property or disunion, when even the very loudest in the cry, declared under their Senatorial oaths, but a few months since, that no protection was necessary? Are we to sell reality for a phantom?"

BA Deere
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Re: Swinging so hard and fast..becoming Trump's to lose

Nox, what I don`t feel you have considered is that Donald Trump better plays the part of "Abraham Lincoln" in wanting to preserve the union in it`s glory of (1975, 1985, 1995, 2005).   Ironically Obama best plays the part of Jefferson Davis in wanting to sucede from the union, think about it, he presided over the most polarizing 8yr period that I dare say any of us are old enough to recall. 


Obama did negatively transform America, but it isn`t complete, it would certainly be worthy of a try to give a non-politician (Trump) a chance to reunite the country, if it is still possible. 

Re: Swinging so hard and fast..becoming Trump's to lose

If you happen to believe anything Trump says then he is simply in favor of a different form of Big Government.


Godwin alert, but probably no more appropriate historical insight than the the one that a significant portion of the German people came to regard the troubled post Versailles republic as fascist and thus were well prepped for going all in.


Underneath the tent of the Trump circus we find a whole collection of free market Leninists (and authoritarians), intent on remaking society in the image of their form of long haired theorizin' (yeah, it all made perfect sense to those bolshies at the time. Many later ended up in the Gulag, if they were lucky).


I'm pretty well nigh certain that their theories are just as flawed. And regardless, as conservative uber icon Hayek observed, Stalin inevitably follows Lenin.



Re: Swinging so hard and fast..becoming Trump's to lose


Re: Swinging so hard and fast..becoming Trump's to lose

BA, I'm going to have to put the ignore button on you.


I had some recent in-person experiences that confimed what I already know.


Once someone has drunk deeply of the water that the NRA hands out, they're kaput, brain is fried for any further usefullness.


So if someone so much as utters a vague gun dogwhistle, I'm outa there. No point in wasting time.

Re: Sad, But True

@BA Deere wrote:

Hillary`s health failing, I believe that human beings weren`t designed to do that much evil and still function and her surrogates on here no doubt also get ill carrying water for such as person.   I think if explained to them, Hillary supporters either get healed or trip their circuit breakers and attempt to just coast to November 8th.   The truth is like throwing a bucket of holy water on a witch.



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Re: Sad, But True

the fiest paragraph pretty mush explains the inner working mind of a trump supporter. 


it;s one thing to support a candidate but not with petty juvenile name calling.    they say trump support is by the low educated voter  .   the contexts of many of your posts often comfirm this. 


how the crops?     good enough to keep your hands out of tapayers pocket?