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Sam Brownback

In D.C., stumping for the tax bill.


"What we did really worked."


All you need to know, or if you don't want to know that's what the rest of need to.

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Now that the GOP

is on the verge of accomplishing its purpose as a modern institution- cutting taxes on the wealthy and eliminating the estate tax in particular- where does it go from there?


Can't possibly imagine but I'll guess it will get down to delivering a little bit for the rubes that it suckered into the effort via "religion", guns, race, fear of terrorism etc.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Now that the GOP

What happened in Kansas can`t be compared to the federal budget (although Libs will and not stop because it works for their narrative)  a state has to balance the budget.  Does anyone have an illusion of the federal budget ever being balanced (inherited $20 trillion debt, ect).  The federal government sends money to all 50 states and Puerto Rico ...too many little birdies chirping with their mouths open and fewer and fewer worms to feed em with.

Re: Now that the GOP

What happened in KS was that neither growth or employment matched other states that didn't go Neanderthal.


Which then led to a budget disaster and a great deal of human suffering for little or no offsetting benefit.

Re: Now that the GOP

Ambassador For Religious Liberty is a nice wingnut welfare gig.

Re: Now that the GOP

Although, granted, much of that suffering was experienced by other than The Good People.


Which is exactly where The Deadenders will stand on it when the last of the tepid Obama expansion peters out and magical growth has not appeared.