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Sam...interview with Libertarian

Nakedcapitlaism running a 6 pt. series of an interview by a curious reporter of a person (who goes by a psuedonym for whatever reason that may be,,,possibly you will recognize him) on how he (the person being interviewed) sees a liberatatian society playing out.


Very interesting. 1st 3 have run the past 3 days.


Link to the 3rd...


There are links to the 1st 2 in the article.


References a Catholic libertarian newsletter, The Distributist Review,  that I've never heard of but that looks interesting as the source of the material.

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in return

I'll check it out.


Celente on Lew Rockwell

Re: in return

I've seen Celente interviewed or read transcripts at some other places. One of them was Nakedcapitalism if I'm not mistaken. 


Will try to get at watching this later.




p.s. Pretty good chance that what went down night before last may have been to stave off what Celente has been saying. I doubt that the ablity to do it that way is infiinite.


The sour looking gal from the Financial Times in London isn't encouraging:



Re: Sam...interview with Libertarian

If your Blogger wanted to debate anarchro-capitalism he should have interviewed stephan molyneux. He probably made up that person to discredit the philosophy. I'm not one of those people that believes government could be completely eliminated. You could go a long way with contracts, but the problem I see is that you still need an impartial party to settle contract disputes. That party has to be able to enforce the resolution to the dispute.

Re: Sam...interview with Libertarian

I was wondering if it was possibly a parody or send up of some sort also, after reading the 1st one a coule of days ago.  But the responder is so consistent and has the LP lexicon down so well I'm about 3/4 convinced he's autherntic.


But as you even seem to imply, radical to a fault.


I'd be intersted in what johnaa has to say.