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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: this a fair assesment?

Krugman and Bernake are both on record as favoring an inflationary solution to the US debt crisis(es). Neither wants to take a hard look at actually living within our means, and austerity measures to pay our bills down. And for the record,I do think part of the solution is higher tax rates, progressively, as the income goes up. I think this will happen, no matter who occupies the white house, and as I said previously, I have been proactive and paid my taxes on the current lower rates.


I think "pragmatic" is a much better description of Richard Nixon than "progressive". Nixon seems to have been a political creature that could easily re-invent himself and win elections. Listening to him on his taped conversations, the little bit I ever have, he seems to have been someone fair and loyal. I think that ultimately did him in as he did not throw his underlings to the dogs, like an Obama, Gingrich, or ROmney would cheerfully do.


Why would you ever think that I would have favored Vietnam? I am probably the least war hawk on this forum...I believe in power, and the restrained use of nice until the time comes to not be nice, and then let no one make any mistake about where the power lies. These wars without victory only deminish our strengths.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: this a fair assesment? Mike Maloney explains the current 40 yr system that started with Nixon closing the gold window.  This current Keynesian system of borrowing money into existance ends at some point and the liberals simply do not understand this. Maloney explains that one must think of their house for example in barrels of oil instead of dollars and the home`s value moves in a wave, worth more or less barrels of oil, understanding this is the secret to wealth in this system. If gas cost 20¢ in 1964 those two silver dimes will also buy a gallon of gas today.  At any rate Maloney lays it all out very well and Lauren Lister  is some very nice eye candy Smiley Tongue

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Great Link, BA

Should be required viewing by every American.


Makes you really wonder where the masters of the universe that are running the USA into the ground plan on locating to once everything crumbles.


Ostriches with their heads in the sand, probably, without any plan.


And you are right, that lovely Laura is nice to look at.