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Sanders answer to man made global warming

Tax on meat. Abortion. Especially in third world countries. That's right. Kill off the poor black kids in Africa.

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Re: Sanders answer to man made global warming

Sanders is one of the creepiest people in the world, and it would be a short walk for him to become a Mao or Pol Pot.  Most of the other remaining 10 dwarfs seem to at least be functioning humans, albeit misguided ones. Doubt if many liberals even want his lips kissing their babies, just like they would not wish for Nancy Pelosi, Schurmer, Boxrud, Feinstein, etal to be in the same room as a newborn baby......well, I guess some obviously don't care.

The USA that would elect a Sanders is so far gone I doubt that we could be saved as a functioning free market republic, with respect for life and traditional Christian morality. It is good that we do have controls on what any one branch of the government can do, but it is sad that Obama was able to remove so many decent generals on his watch.

It is not ancient history on China's slide into the abyss, including Godlessness and cannibalism. What on earth has happened in America that a well fed, coddled population  has been taught to resent and envy the businessmen and women that have created this virtual paradise? 

Venezuela is a basket case too as shown in other threads. Sanders would bring that type of mentality to the USA and make it appear mainstream. What is in the water in those eastern states that brings scum like Sanders and Kennedys to the top? It reminds of what the original leader of what is now Iran (formerly Persia) said about settling his tribe of Aryans in the mountains....let them have a hard life and stay strong vs. a soft life and lose everything.

Senior Advisor

Re: Sanders answer to man made global warming

In Sanders case, he is just a socialist idiot, and he plans to be at the top of the chain, so not adversely affected.

As for the Kennedy clan, the view of those with family wealth (that they assume they will be able to keep) is quite different than most who have earned their own wealth, and all of them assume they will be a party loyal who would be minimally adversely affected.

Then, too, for the wealthy "progressives" -- if you've got excess millions, and only need $10 million for your family to be set for life, including descendants, they don't really care about the rest who are still making it on our own, although apparently they still think they know what is best for the rest of us.