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Senior Advisor

Re: Sandra Fluke

@bruce MN wrote:
Do you have some information that shows it was even an issue in the campaign? The district is in Hollywood. She lost to another Democrat after finishing 2nd in the open primary. Did her opponent in the finals make an issue of her testimony? Our youngest graduated from G'town Grad School and says that her people back there say it's a non-issue. You just may be the only person left in the country with any recollection of it.

The voters rejected her, Wendy "abortion Barbie" Davis and Mark "uterus" Udall. The reason being women think deeper than free birth control. Women want jobs.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Sandra Fluke

whats up with the coke reference...are you growing a ponytail now and trying your best to channel George Carlin?


Grow up, pal.