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Sandra Fluke



Sandra Fluke To Run For U.S. House Seat To Be Vacated By Rep. Henry Waxman


Hope Rush's Head explodes


Smiley Happy




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Re: Sandra Fluke

Does she want me to pay for her campaign?
Senior Advisor

Re: Sandra Fluke

Doubt she is any worse than Waxman. At lest she is easier to look at.

bruce MN

Re: Sandra Fluke

Good catch.  Grins.


On that topic, whatever happened to the movement from a few, maybe more than a few, years ago for total public financing of (hopefully drasticly shortened) political campaigns?  I seem to remember that there was support for that in some corners of the left and the right.  Long enough ago that i can't remember who proposed it, who opposed it and what killed it off? It'd be a kill shot for the broadcast media, so I don't imagine they ever gave the notion much airtime.


With Citizens United in effect, not much chance of that ever coming up again I suppose.

Senior Advisor

Re: Sandra Fluke

No I will!

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Blackbarry lies about Public financing