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Honored Advisor

Sarah, Piers and Jesus

Not surprisingly Piers Morgan has been getting facts for his show off sites such as the Weekly World News and reporting them as gospel. His latest blunder was saying "Sarah Palin believes Jesus celebrated Easter", here`s a link to Sarah`s♥ FB page explaining the debacle   


Jesus didn`t celebrate Easter for obvious reasons, but even if He could, He wouldn`t because it`s a pagan holiday based off Ishtar and fertility godesses and stuff    Jesus however celebrated "Passover".


Now back to the hack Piers Morgan, the damned fool spouts his ideas based off the Onion.  Now where the hell are these God damned liberals with their "fact checking" and "Snopes" and giving out "Pinocchios"?????  It seems Piers Morgan`s trousers are always on fire and his frickin nose is sticking out about 3 feet in front of him.


A few years back a favorite liberal tactic was to set up a phony website with a few news items and mixed in was a outlandish story like "Obama caught in heroin gay sex orgy" then people like me and Rush and Glenn Beck were supposed to report the fake story, then liberals could say "fake story!! Liar Liar Liar!!" one falls for that crap anymore, but tricks like that aided in the election of Obama.


Quick story about fake facts planted.  I had a relative that frequented coffee shops, and one wise guy planted a story on my relative that "Humming birds don`t fly south for the winter, they ride on the backs of geese". Well, when he told me that, I looked at him like he had a giant penls growing out of his forehead, I of course laughed telling others about the ridiculous story that was planted on him at the coffee shop.  Well, one day at a family doings, my relative again told the "humming bird story" ...I was looking at my plate trying not to laugh and everyone else was grinning looking at me, until we all busted a gut laughing and we had to set the wayward relative straight.  Smiley Happy