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Esteemed Advisor

Say it ain't so, Fat Billy

Barr: No evidence of fraud that’d change election outcome (

Says DOJ has found no evidence of significant fraud.

Deep State!

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Said exactly the same thing the DHS guy said on 60 Minutes

Any word as to whether any of Dennison’s lawyers have demand that The Attorney General be drawn and quartered or shot at dawn?

Re: Say it ain't so, Fat Billy

Billy got his 3 Federalist SC Justices out of Dennison. Not really much sense for him to ask any more of it all.

There’s a kinship in all of this and Dennison was most useful, but no reason to dream there would be much more to achieve without drawing too much attention to it. Or put those 3 pet projects on The Court in a tough spot. This should have ended the chances of them getting into one.

Durham extension/expansion of duties a smart move

Keep some potential backsliders in the game.