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Esteemed Advisor

Say what you will about modern livestock practices

from a public health viewpoint it is a world better than "the old ways" of multiple species mixed together on a huge number of farms.

Which doesn't mean that a quad hog finishing unit that produces as much manure as a small city shouldn't be highly regulated.

And that it is an opportunity to sharply reduce and ultimately eliminate human antibiotics from livestock production- the Europeans have shown that the world doesn't come to an end- and there is no debate about the human health threat other than from industry shills.

I get regularly get tarred and feathered for this but the old County Fair and 4-H thing is also pretty idiotic- we've even had cases of influenza outbreaks from swine sources at fairs.

Nothing the matter with continuing with socialist programs for rural youth but the livestock thing is long gone anyway, other than the industry roping in some more astroturf supporters.