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School board union's fake apology

The National school board union was forced to write a fake apology regarding their instruction to the biden administration that parent's are domestic terrorist, and that shockingly biden and his clan's personal attorney, aka as the AG, responded as instructed. It appears that it was not supposed to be made public and makes them and the AG look bad not to mention that it's killing the mccullough campaign. 

In a likely separate letter to the biden administration, the school union's scolded the biden administration stating we are in charge of decision making in your administration and that this and future instructions from our unions are to be kept private, which we both agreed to before we backed you and gave you those millions of dollars.

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Re: National School board union, what's that?


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Re: National School board union, what's that?

(National School board union, what's that?          ?)

They would be the ones that called parents domestic terrorists, they sent a letter to their lackey old senile joe and demanded that his family attorney / AG go after these parents / domestic terrorists, which of course the biden administration did because they know who's running this biden ----show.

Now if your just referring to association vs union? well, that may be considered senile joe slow....but I understand your hypocrat deflection.