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Seal Team Six 22 members 21 dead 1 survivor

Well those who keep count of what is going on with those soldiers who allegedly killed OBL in Pakistan indicate that 21 of the 22 how made the trip are now dead. Kinda looks like they are making sure few if any members of that team survive to tell the "real story" behind Black Barry's raid to kill OBL.  As a loyal American I know our government has nothing to do will these trained professionals being killed off after this raid.  John 



Member of SEAL Team 6 killed, another SEAL injured in parachute accident


A  Navy SEAL from the elite SEAL TEAM 6 was killed and another SEAL injured Thursday night during a parachute training accident in Marana, Arizona, the military said. Details of the accident are not immediately available.

One SEAL was pronounced dead on arrival at the University of Arizona Hospital. The second remains hospitalized in stable condition.


Members of SEAL TEAM 6 carried out the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden. All SEAL teams receive extensive parachute training, which is often required for hostage rescue or anti-terrorist operations.


The names of the two SEALS involved in the fatal training mishap have not been released pending notification of next of kinolder

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06/08/11 - WASHINGTON -- U.S. officials tell The Associated Press that they believe that none of the Navy SEALs who died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan had participated in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, although they were from the same unit that carried out the bin Laden mission.


Sources say that more than 20 Navy SEALs were among those lost in the crash in Afghanistan.


The operators from SEAL Team Six were flown by a regular Army crew. That's according to AP military sources.


Another source says the team was thought to include 22 SEALs, three Air Force air controllers, seven Afghan Army troops, a dog and his handler, and a civilian interpreter, plus the helicopter crew.


The sources thought this was the largest single loss of life ever for SEAL Team Six, known as the Naval Special Warfare Development Group.

There were then only 2 left. The two that were in this parachute "accident"