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A Texas lawmaker wants "Texit" secession on the ballot - Insider

Is this anymore of a fantastic idea than the former USSR breaking up, or the Brexit? 

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Senior Advisor

Re: Secession?

Maybe you can strike your own deal to sell soybeans and pork to China.


Re: Secession?

with the mexican market etal, would we really need china? 

I have a 1000 bu Kinzi Grain Cart that must have spent some time in the Lone Star State, cause it has a texas motto on the back. I like it.

Honored Advisor

Re: Secession?

Just my opinion but I`d rather see a beefing up of state`s rights as opposed to some states splintering off completely.  There are irreconcilable differences between the Right and "Gimmee yer Guns!!"..."ah no that`d be a big negatory!"  or "I wants to kill babies, gimmee money to do dat!"  ,,,"ah no, go buy some coathangers and do it yourself!".

If the damned Liberals would just leave people alone, that`s all I ask.   Here it comes "Farm subsidies! Farm subsidies!" well tell your Democrats to not vote for farm subsidies, but until then as I say leave us the hell alone.