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Sedition nancy

Puts chinese propaganda on the desk of all house members. Her loyalty lye with china not the American worker. She needs to register as a foreign agent. It's not only 10% for the big guy, it's also 10% for sedition nancy.


Freshman representative Ashley Hinson (R., Iowa) petitioned House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) to stop distributing a Chinese Communist propaganda paper to House offices on Capitol Hill, according to a letter sent late last week and obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Hinson, who was elected in November, said she is "appalled" that lawmakers receive unsolicited copies of China Daily, a Chinese state-controlled newspaper that has been designated as Communist propaganda by the State Department. China Daily has been delivered to congressional offices each morning for many years despite outrage among some members who view its circulation as inappropriate.

"Frankly, I was appalled when I walked into work Friday morning and saw my office had received an unsolicited copy of China Daily," Hinson, a former television news reporter, told the Free Beacon. "How can we expect the American people to trust that Congress will take on the Chinese Communist Party when its dangerous propaganda is being delivered right to our doorstep? I wrote to the speaker immediately and asked her to address this issue."

The letter demands Pelosi use her power as the chamber’s leader to "stop the CCP from distributing its state-run publication within our hallowed halls. This offensive garbage should not be automatically distributed to Congressional offices at the cost of the American taxpayers."

China Daily is among the Communist regime’s most well-known propaganda organs. The Free Beacon reported in December that China Daily breached federal laws by not disclosing the amount of money it spent to publish its propaganda in prominent American media outlets such as the New York Times and Washington Post. The report prompted calls for a congressional investigation into how and why China Daily makes its way in to Congress each day.

Hinson says Pelosi can use her authority as the House’s top official to stop the automatic distribution of the paper to congressional offices.

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Re: My response to that is, "know thy enemy"

I read the foreign press so as to know what they're thinking.

Senior Advisor

Re: My response to that is, "know thy enemy"


But unquestionably more factual than freebacon either way.