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Seems a bit odd to me

Someone says something about a mosque and people go ballistic with cries of xenophobia.   A group of people gather and the leader is called a ego-maniacal nazi.  Think up some example from the other side, they exists.   Generally speaking though, people find the most wicked demons were there are probably just small harmless demons.


Yet, you can see posted here all the time, and hear everywhere you go, someone says that they think someone else's property should be seized and used for something that someone finds important and its not even blinked at.  No one even really notices what is said.    I haven't yet been threatened with jail for not going to church, I'm not really worried that that will happen, but other moralizing individuals would have no problem with jailing me should I not tithe to their god in DC.  And the thing is the real demons aren't even noticed.

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Re: Seems a bit odd to me

They are noticed Sam, but they are the liberal's God. Thou Shalt not keep thy own money and thou shalt not have strange governments be fore me.