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Senate really is in play

which would have been considered a fantasy a few months ago.


ND looks like it is trending further R. As I've said- just too many Good People up there, sort of like the IA 4th.


The other is NJ which should be a lock but you can't complain about Menendez' self inflicted wounds. He'll likely win anyway.


But everything else is looking better than could have been hoped.


Even TX, where it looks like the oleaginous reptile might actually be vulnerable. Given that TX has a history of electing some of history's most detestable politicians- DeLay, Wright, Tower, Gramm- it would be quite a feat to miss a 3 foot putt just for being an awful excuse for a human being.



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Re: Senate really is in play

Giving up Nutz.

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Re: Senate really is in play

oleaginous, might big word for a person of your age.