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Senior Contributor

Separation of church and state

I see a religious group is suing the government to pay for their building to preach their religion in.

Of course they are going to do 'good things' too but included is handouts for taking religious studies.

And they are upset because the government will not fund it?

Having their religious meeting halls tax free is not enough I guess.

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Re: Separation of church and state

Your first sentence is a little misleading. How ever given their religious connections they should have known better than to even apply for the loan much less go to court to fight for it.
Senior Advisor

Re: Separation of church and state

Don't worry, it will never happen. The government only pays to detroy the unborn children, not to defend their rights or choices.

gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: Separation of church and state

Bill - you can't beat that little bit of socialism to keep things ticking over.  But don't mention the war. wink wink nod nod , you know what I mean.