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Serious question



Do your Alt- News sources tell you about these kinds of reports ??




Neo-Nazi Leader Pleads Guilty To Roughing Up Black Female Protester At Trump Rally




A neo-Nazi leader has pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, more than a year after a viral video showed him repeatedly shoving a young black protester at a Trump campaign rally in Louisville, Kentucky.

Matthew Heimbach, an avowed National Socialist and the leader of the Traditionalist Worker party, will not face jail time in the case, sparking protest from an attorney for Kashiya Nwanguma, the young protester in the video.

“Mr Heimbach should have done time,” attorney Greg Belzley told the Guardian. “Anybody who has seen the video of Shiya’s treatment at that Trump rally knows that was an offense not just against Shiya, but against our constitution, our values and our community.



Or is it being reported that this thug is really a super duper- triple agent hired by Soros and trained by Hillary ?



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Re: Serious question

So a socialist pushes a communist and a JUDGE sentences him to 2 years of behavior classes, so????   Of course communists will think he deserves more punishment and socialist Nazis will think he deserves a medal.  But getting a bloody nose or whatever is all a part of their protesting game, they wear it like a badge of many times they were tazed, how many stitches they got, on and on.   


I went to a Trump rally on a cold January, Clear Lake day with my Daughter and we felt safe as anything, but then again we weren`t crazy protestors.